Menla Prayer Wheel at Karuna Retreat Centre

Australian Retreats November 2017

Wangdrak Rinpoche led two retreats in 2017. The first was a general retreat of 3 days for experienced as well as new students. The second was a 7-day retreat for his senior students, who had previously attended one of his 7-day retreats and are committed to his practice path, including Ngondro. Both retreats were held at Karuna Sanctuary in the NSW Blue Mountains. 

Cultivating Shamatha together with Bodhicitta
16 November – 20 November 2017
Venue: Karuna Sanctuary, Saywell Rd, Katoomba, 2780
In this general retreat Wangdrak Rinpoche guided students to expand our regular meditation practice with the insight of Buddha Nature, and with the heart-energy of Bodhicitta that is so essential for full realization of our enlightened potential. He gave an overview of the Tibetan traditional approach to the Buddha nature of mind, and the gradual training of practices that Nyingma and Kagyu meditators commit to in Tibet.

The Seven Vajra Points of the Uttaratantra Shastra
21 November – 29 November 2017
Karuna Sanctuary, Saywell Rd, Katoomba, 2780
In his usual spontaneous style, Wangdrak Rinpoche explained the Seven Vajra Points that comprise the Uttaratantra Shastra (“Gyu Lama” in Tibetan) in a way that summed up the essence of the Buddhadharma. The Uttaratantra is a philosophical treatise attributed to Maitreya-natha, and its commentary to Asanga. It is a core text of Yogacara and Tathagatagarbha philosophy in Tibetan Buddhism, and considered a bridge that leads from the Sutra approach to Tantra. In teaching the Seven Vajra Points Rinpoche assisted us to deepen our recognition and experience of unconditioned Buddha nature. Rinpoche also offered further instructions on the Ngondro practices, which cultivate the basis for Vajrayana meditation training.