“The nuns need improved conditions, particularly more food, so that they can remain in practice and in retreat year after year, day after day, dedicating their lives solely to accomplishing the Dharma. This is my hope…How wonderful if it is possible, as it will allow this Dharma practice to continue.”
— Tamke Wangmo, senior Gebchak nun

By virtue of preserving this unique, ancient and pure tradition it will benefit the world because the nuns are developing love and compassion through their practice.”
Wangdrak Rinpoche

Donations to the projects listed below can be made via bank transfer or the "Pay Anyone" option of your Australian online banking to:
Bendigo Bank
Account name: Gebchak Rigpa Harsey
BSB: 633-000
Account number: 147996805

Australian cheques (in AUD dollars only) can be posted to:
Gebchak Rigpa Harsey (the payee)
17 Grandview Road
Brighton, VIC 3186

Online donations, via the 'Donate' buttons below, will be processed securely through You can donate with your personal PayPal account, or with a regular credit or debit card (for cards, look on the donation form after clicking the button for the small credit card link on the left hand side).

Gebchak Nuns – Food & Healthcare Fund
Food & Healthcare

The estimated cost of a nun’s food & health care for one year at Gebchak Gonpa is $300 AUD. However, any amount is gratefully accepted towards the community’s needs and will be shared equally among the nuns.

The Gebchak nuns' traditional food source from their nomadic families is disappearing amidst rapid socio-economic changes in modern China. In response to a formal appeal from the Gebchak nuns in 2003, Wangdrak Rinpoche has been working to provide a balanced nutritional meal each day to all the nuns, as well as to improve their health care and education.

Dongtsang Ritro Hermitage – Retreat Huts in Tibet

Retreat Huts

Dongtsang Ritro in Nangchen was established for ordained and lay persons with strong aspirations to practice in intensive retreat. Wangdrak Rinpoche's Australian students will be welcome to visit once every year or two for teachings and retreat on this sacred and historically significant retreat land. Please help Wangdrak Rinpoche to build ten retreat huts on the land that can accomodate Australians on retreat, as well as house older Gebchak nuns requiring a base near town for health or practical reasons. Each retreat hut will cost approximately $8,000 AUD.

Please visit the Nangchen Retreats page to read more about this sacred Hermitage site.

Yushu Orphans
Yushu Orphans

Gebchak Wangdrak Rinpoche has been the custodian of 30 orphaned children since the devastating 2010 Yushu earthquake. The children are cared for by two house mothers in a rented apartment in Yushu and attend local government schools. With the support of people like you, Wangdrak Rinpoche provides their rent, food, clothing and other basic needs, and oversees that each child is regularly attending classes. Please help these dear children (ages six to eighteen) by making a contribution towards their basic needs and care.

Please visit the main Gebchak Gonpa website for more information about the Yushu Orphans.

Prayer Dedications
Prayer Dedications

By making a donation of $250 AUD, your name will be placed in one of the three retreat divisions below, where the nuns’ practice will be dedicated to you, a family member or friend every day for an entire year.  (Please email with the name for dedication.)

Green Tara: Green Tara’s blessings act swiftly to accomplish whatever aims we pray to achieve. Mahakala (Protector): Like all protectors of the Dharma, Mahakala is supplicated to protect beings from obstacles and negativities. Amitayus: The blessings of this practice heal sickness, strengthen life force and increase longevity.